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Our Programs

Preschool (Ages: 2 to 3.5)


Our Preschool program is the first step in a child’s life-long journey toward educational enrichment.  We cultivate an early excitement about learning by creating a personal learning experience and fostering curiosity through play.

Prekindergarten (Ages: 3.5 to 5)


Our Pre-K program has a proven track record of ensuring that our children entering kindergarten are well prepared.  Our program is designed to inspire student creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

Before & After School (Ages: 5 to 12)


Our Before and After School program assist school-age children with their homework and any other learning assignments.  During the summer, we provide fun and developmentally appropriate learning activities for our school-age kids.

Summer Programs (Ages: 2 to 12)


Our Summer program places children at the center of the learning experience by establishing a global theme that is rounded out by fun weekly learning activities including an off-site field trip.